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Can it charge and play music through the speakers at the same time?

Yes. You can charge your phone and play music through the speakers from your charging phone at the same time. We try to make things easy and effortless for you.


Does the lamp light have to be on to charge my phone?

No. As long as the lamp is connected to the power source, you can wireless charge your iPhone no matter whether the lamp light is on or off. In addition, there is a charging indicator tells you whether your device is charging or not. It will turn blue while charging.


Does it also allow for wired charging?

Unfortunately it doesn't has any USB port for wired charging. The reason of this design to make sure the light have an elegant and slim appearance.


Does it support 240V?
Yes. The power adapter comes with TreeLux™ - Polygon Edition can support 100-240V power sourse.


What does the base measure? Length and width?

The whole Polygon Edition dimension is 11.2Lx6.1Wx6.7H inch (28.5x15.5x17cm). Thus the base is 11.2x6.1 inch. We hope these information is helpful for you.


Is this lamp dual voltage? 110 & 240?

Yes, the customized adaptor for Polygon Edition lamp can be working with voltage from 110~240V.


What is the factory warranty?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, 14 days hassle-free warranty with considerate customer service. Phone Charging Receiver NOT Included.


What is the wattage of the speaker and how many speakers are there?

Polygon Edition table lamp has a 5-watt speaker inside. And the Polygon Edition table lamp has further optimized the speaker, delivering crystal clear full-range sound wafting and lingering in the room.


Does the charge indicator light stay on the entire time the phone is on the charging base?

Yes. The blue charging indicator will stay on while phone charging. We have noticed this flaw and started working on improving this issue. Currently we recommend you use something like a lovely black sticker to cover it if it bothers you.